In 2007 I specialized in shows for companies and since this time I worked for many famous companies (check my references).
With a special feeling I entertain your customers, employees and/or business partners magically.

Individually I agree to your business.

The whole range from big stage shows to close up magic in the middle of the audience is available for you.

Of course I can perform my shows in a fine english.


For more information chose the correct event.

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Corporate Events

Years of experience and passion for the profession lead to the result, that your event for your customers, employees and/or business partners will be a memorable experience.
Modern magic that is cut unique to your Business.
Employees and customers will be motivated by the theme of the show and they will remember the company party with joy.

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Trade show entertainment

A bright idea for your exhibition stands!
With targeted presentation I motivate visitors to stop and let they pay attention to your booth.

Set yourself above the competitors and stand out magically with your exhibition stand.

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In a personal discussion I can get the best impression and with my experience I can develop a tailored concept for your event.