Close-Up-Magic (Table magic)

Close-Up magic is clearly the strongest kind of magic as the artist works surrounded by his audience.

Magic in front of everyones eyes, only inches away and every move can be watched closely from all sides.

While walking from table to table, I integrate the audience in my magic and even they could feel small miracles with their own hands.

Advantages of close-up magic:

Close-up magic can be performed everywhere - there is almost no place where it would not be possible to take place.

Close-up magic does not need any kind of technology, even a table is not necessarily required.

Close-up magic does not require the full attention of the audience like a stage show. It will entertain deliberately small groups. Either from table to table or group to group.

Close-up magic is often combined with a stage show. As an appetizer before the show or after the show, as a highlight, to round off the evening.

Video Close-Up-Magic (Table magic)

Feel free to get a visual impression. Moving pictures tell more than words.