Fantastic Phenomena

How great our imagination really is, or what our subconsciousness can do without our knowledge, I'll show you in my Hypnosis-Show.
Experience fantastic phenomena and the possibilities of the subconscious state of mind.
Only people who really want to be hypnotised will, together with me (in a Team), experience trance.
Some impressions on hypnosis, that is suggested by the media (Television), does not meet reality.

In hypnosis one is not totally submissive and does not have to think to be embarrassed or ashamed; on the contrary (on the opposite). No one would do something under hypnosis, that he does not want. Everyone has his moral and ethical borders that will not be overruled (exceed).
Overall it is important to me to have the audience expirience a positive phenomena.
Imagine you could memorise a phone number within a second.
An unfamiliar number that you can echo, visualising it with your photographic memory.

The adventure of hypnosis is a unique experience!

I would like to be an eye opener for people to show them what a strong tool hypnosis is, what everyone can do with his subconsciousness mind and how subjectively we view the world.

I guarantee a reliable show, that sure will be a highlight to your event!

Similar as the magic my hypnosis can be performed on stage as a stage show or in the mist of the audience.

I'll be pleased to advise you.